GK- Lava worm powder 25 liter


GK Organics Lava Worm Powder 25L 100% Organic - 100% Vegetarian - Something for every grower The Lava Worm Powder from GK-Organics consists of volcanic rock flour and worm excrement. Therefore, it is naturally rich in minerals. With the GK-Organics Lava Worm Powder you can stimulate growth without having to use too many additives. In addition, the Lava Worm from GK-Organics contains a wide range of rare trace elements. This makes this product unique among plant fertilizers. The GK-Organics Lava Worm Powder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. specifications 100% organic soil supplement Lava flour + worm excrement Manufacturer's application recommendation Before planting, mix the Lava Worm Powder into the potting compost or soil at a maximum ratio of 10% to the total volume.
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