GK-Complete Organics 1 liter


GK Organics Complete Organics 1L 100% Organic - 100% Vegetarian - Something for every grower The Complete Organics from GK-Organics consists of a balanced mixture of GuanoKalong Powder, GK-Organics Seaweed Powder, GK-Organics Palm Tree Ash, GK-Organics Vegetal Fertilizer and GK-Organics Lava Worm Powder. With this all-in-one organic fertilizer you have everything your plants need during growth and flowering. GK-Organics Complete Organics is ideal if you don't want to/can't devote too much time to the soil. In addition to the primary and secondary nutrients, GK-Organics Complete Organics also provides the plants with the necessary trace elements and bio-organic primary substances (e.g. humic, amino acid and enzymes). It contains everything for an optimally nutrient-rich and balanced plant nutrition. The nutrients in Complete Organics from GK-Organics also help to improve the soil. At the same time, they stimulate microbiological activity in the soil. GK-Organics Complete Organics is thus far ahead of chemical and mineral fertilizers, especially in nutrient-poor soils or stressed plants. GK-Organics Complete Organics is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. specifications 100% organic NPK 2-5-3 in powder form Manufacturer's recommendation for use: Outdoor cultivation: 1L Complete Organics is sufficient for 5-10m² - in the first week stir 1 50ml measuring cup into 5L water - later sprinkle over the soil as needed and rake in thoroughly. Pots/planters: before planting, stir 2 50ml measuring cups of Complete Organics into 15L of potting soil or soil - sprinkle over the soil later as required and water thoroughly. Variable fertilization - You can adapt Complete Organics to your fertilization needs. With light fertilization you use 1 50ml measuring cup from the start and mix it into the soil, with medium fertilization 2 50ml measuring cups and with heavy fertilization 6 50ml measuring cups. If the soil is pre-fertilized, the dosage is halved
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