Kannabia Swiss Dream Rose CBD Autoflowering


DETAILS Rosé The new variety Species: Indica-dominant hybrid CBD: 7% THC: 0.3% Ratio: 23: 1 (CBD: THC) She is the proud heir to all the virtues of the already mythical Swiss Dream CBD Auto, with its low THC (below 0.6%) and high CBD (above 17%) levels, but with a stronger, medium-sized indica form that is the result of working with Kush strains. One of the many strengths of rosé is its incredible stability. Good proof of this is that even after multiple and strict controls, not a single plant showed a THC level of over 0.5%. In addition to its great homogeneity and stability, there is also the wonderful and really eye-catching purple color (slightly pink, hence its name) and the rather firm and attractive flower type, which is thicker and heavier than the Swiss Dream CBD Auto.
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