Cameron Valley Tobacco Substitute (100% Nicotine Free and Natural) 20g


100% nicotine-free as a pure herbal mixture / 100% natural / content: 20g A mixture of peppermint, damiana, raspberry, eucalyptus and lemon balm leaves prepared with the greatest care. A harmonious taste experience of the natural kind - without artificial additives and without tobacco leaves, therefore nicotine-free. Important: Unfortunately Cameron Valley is no longer in production. Alternatively, we will send you our tobacco substitute mixture "Mrs. Green - Flower Power ”with the same mixture for exactly the same price. The quality is also higher, because in contrast to Cameron Valley, all coarse plant parts (such as stems) are consistently removed with the Mrs. Green mixture plus all herbs used are organic and medicinal quality as far as possible. The product will continue to be produced by ourselves (Swiss made). Sales only from 18 years