Frau Grün - Flower Power herbal mixture 80g (100% nicotine-free and natural)


Our pure herbal mixture is a harmonious taste experience of the natural kind - guaranteed without any nicotine or additives. Mrs. Green Flower Power only contains herbs of the highest quality (laboratory-tested medicinal quality; mostly organic) and no flavorings, chemicals or other additives. The herbal mixture is carefully processed by hand in Switzerland and, as far as possible, stems and stems are removed for maximum smoking pleasure. The product is ideal (depending on taste) for use in vaporizers, for mixing with hemp flowers or generally as a substitute for tobacco. Ingredients: Peppermint leaves (organic), damiana, raspberry leaves (organic), lemon balm leaves, eucalyptus leaves and lavender flowers (organic) Ingredients: peppermint leaves (organic), damiana, raspberry leaves (organic), melissa leaves, eucalyptus leaves and lavender blossoms (organic) 0% tobacco 0% nicotine 0% additives 100% natural herbs 100% made with love in Switzerland Content bag: 80 grams (in bulk pac