Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer gunmetal


DESCRIPTION Manufacturer: DaVinci Portable / Desktop: Portable Compatibility: herbs Steam delivery: hose-pull Warm-up time: 0-1 min. Adjustable temperature: yes Temperature range: 120 ° C - 221 ° C Replaceable battery: Yes Battery power: 3500 mAh With their Da Vinci IQ vaporizer, Da Vinci has created a unique device that shines with an almost perfect vape taste. The extremely high-quality materials, the innovative design and the app support ensure that the vape session with the IQ becomes an experience. The tasty steam is produced in a high-quality ceramic heating chamber. This is then drawn through a smoke duct, which consists of the best zirconia up to the mouthpiece. Zirconia is currently the strongest known ceramic mixture there is. The heat resistance of this ceramic ensures the best taste and contributes to a pleasant cooling of the steam. The IQ was the first Da Vinci to be equipped with a replaceable 18650 battery. The most vulnerable component can easily be replaced in a few simple steps. With the high-quality materials and the 10-year manufacturer's guarantee, the Da Vinci IQ is a device that can bring joy for almost a lifetime. Smart Path technology is an innovation among the portable vaporizers. This increases the temperature to a defined maximum over a defined period of time. Thus, all herbs can be enjoyed perfectly, from the beginning of the session to the end. Four different Smart Paths can be saved on the device and accessed without an app. Precision mode works like a normal vaporizer: the temperature is selected and the herbs are raised to the desired temperature. The boost mode heats up at the push of a button until the button is released.
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