Clean urine 1 bag


DETAILS CleanUrin is fully synthetic urine (artificial urine), packaged 25ml in a practical (robust) tear-off bag - ideal for on the go. CleanUrin is similar to human urine in all relevant laboratory parameters (synthetic urine = corresponds to human urine from an abstinent and healthy person). CleanUrin passes all common adulteration tests such as Ratisbonne Adulteration, Adultacheck10, Adulteration 7SL etc. Furthermore, CleanUrin has been tested negative in vitro as well as chromatographically for prohibited substances. Before use, it is advisable to warm the product on a suitable part of the body, e.g. in your underpants. Shelf life for twelve months under normal conditions, at least 18 months if refrigerated. Note: CleanUrin must not be used for checks / examinations / etc. to manipulate.