Disposable Cocaine Purity Drug Test Kit


Not available for over two years, now they're back and better than ever - CHEAPER, MORE ACCURATE, EASIER TO WEAR AND SAFER! The EZ Test White allows a suspected powder to be analyzed to check for cocaine. Once the chemicals in the kit are mixed together and a small sample is added, the solution will change color, indicating a positive reaction. This can then be compared to the color card in the kit. The EZ Test White is very insensitive to common substitutes such as mannitol, so it will not give a false positive result and it will not react to other substances from the cocaine family (lidocaine, benzocaine, procaine, etc.). The kit can be used for a test. A stronger response indicates that a sample contains a higher percentage of cocaine. Step 1: First fill in the red field on the instructions for use with a finely ground sample (approx. 10 milligrams). Step 2: Add the contents of the two tubes to the bottle with the liquid, which will result in a greenish top layer. Step 3: Next, put the sample in the bottle, close the lid and shake for 2 seconds. Step 4: If there is a positive reaction in the sample, the color of the lower layer changes. Compare this with the color table on the package insert for the test. The darker it gets, the more cocaine there is. If the color change is still transparent and has a light to medium brown color, the sample has a high amount of extender.